Nature didn’t intend for dogs to consume one food for their entire lives. ROTATIONS Pet Food is designed around this simple, straight forward premise. A broader array of fresh natural ingredients provides dogs with a more complete diet that is easily digestible, healthier for your pet, and convenient for you. you can order food for pets online through Android apps.

Each Individual Holistic Recipe

Each of our individual ROTATIONS recipes start with either premium chicken, wild salmon or New Zealand lamb, and follows up that lean protein with a named poultry, fish or meat meal second. Our recipes contain NO by-products or fillers like corn wheat or soy and are all natural with NO artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. All ROTATIONS recipes are holistic and nutritionally complete to ensures that whether you choose to feed only one recipe or rotate through all of our recipes, your dog is getting the very best.

Why ROTATIONS is Unique

What makes ROTATIONS unique is that we change more than just the protein from one recipe to the next. In addition to protein changes, we modify the fruits, vegetables and whole grains by recipe to ensure your pet is getting true nutritional diversity and never becomes oversaturated with any one ingredient.

No Transitioning or Digestive Upset

Our innovative feeding system offers you the ability to switch between any of our recipes, at any time, without transitioning or digestive upset. We are able to achieve this harmony between our recipes despite having different ingredients that deliver unique nutrients because each formula contains even levels of proteins, fats, fibers and more so each nutrient profile works together, seamlessly, to ensure the best nutrition for your pet, and convenience for you.


A gradual transition to any new pet food brand is the best approach.  When starting your dog on ROTATIONS be sure to mix it with his current food for 6 days following these guidelines:

Day 1 & 2 – 25% ROTATIONS, 75% exisiting food
Day 2 & 3 – 50% ROTATIONS, 50% existing food
Day 4 & 5 – 75% ROTATIONS, 25% existing food
Day 6 – 100% ROTATIONS

Once you’ve made the switch to ROTATIONS because of our unique, patented recipes you can feed ROTATIONS in any manner you would like. It’s your choice, if you would like to stick to one flavor of ROTATIONS your dog will receive complete and balanced nutrition, but to give your dogs all the benefits of a rotational diet we suggest you rotate through two or more of our recipes.

If you have a finicky eater you can change his ROTATIONS recipe by meal feeding one flavor in the morning and a new flavor in the evening. If you like to keep your food fresher feed completely through one flavor and then switch to the next once the original bag is finished. No transition period, no digestive upset, no guessing which recipes work together, it’s that easy!

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