About Us

Our Story

ROTATIONS® is an independently owned pet food company established to provide pet lovers with an alternative for their dogs and cats: the first truly complete, varied, and balanced feeding system.

Our family-run company has over 45 years of experience within the pet industry, having developed unique, patented, and revolutionary products in a broad spectrum of the market, with the common goal of making better products for pets that enhances their and their owners’ lives.

Our Idea

There are many pet food choices in the marketplace currently. Our’s is a smart alternative that focuses on the very simple concept that like people dogs were not designed to eat just one food day in and day out.

We treat our pets like our children and you wouldn’t feed your child one food day in and day out, for the rest of their lives so why are we doing this to our pets?— What sets our recipes apart is our focus on a far broader combination of nutritional elements not just proteins.

Our recipes provide pets with a steady rotation of proteins, fibers, fruits, carbohydrates, fats, and essential vitamins that work together as a complete, rotating pet food system. It didn’t make sense to us that pets should eat a single dietary formula just because that is what has been commonly done for years.

Our Philosophy

Our vision comes from our love of our own pets and years of being in the pet industry. We want to improve the lives of pets and their owners. In starting our ROTATIONS pet food our own dogs and cats, and those of our best friends and families, have all been consulted and switched to ROTATIONS.

The reason they switched, because of the enthusiasm their pets showed for variety in their daily meals and improvement in their overall health and well being. The final result? We think your pets will love it.

The ROTATIONS Pet Food Team

At ROTATIONS® Pet Food we know that the best products are built off the passionate people behind the product. That’s why we welcome you to get to know the ROTATIONS Pet Food team and learn why your pet’s nutritional health is in the best of hands.

  • Michael Farmer — Co-Founder, President & CEO
  • Lucas Saxe — Co-founder, President & COO
  • Brett Weinberg — Director of Sales and Marketing