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At North River Vet, we are a collection of veterinary professionals that have been brought together by an interest in promoting optimal pet nutrition. After working closely with GlobalOne Pet, Inc., North River Vet is proud to support ROTATIONS® Pet Food.

Formulated for Rotational Feeding

Even though a diet composed of a select variety of specific ingredients in perfectly balanced ratios is the key to optimal health for your pet, veterinarians have been reluctant to recommend rotating diets in the past because of transition issues.

Pets can develop digestion problems when their diets are changed suddenly. The ROTATIONS Pet Food Nutritional System was created to address this particular challenge. Their all-natural pet food recipes are designed to complement one another, so you can switch between the three without any fear of creating digestion problems.

No Stomach Upset

Completely balanced and ideal ratios of good, lean proteins, healthy fats, fiber, and carbohydrates across all three formulas means that, despite different primary flavors and ingredients, you can transition with confidence from recipe to recipe without causing digestive distress. Just take a look at the ROTATIONS Pet Food guaranteed analysis.

A Natural Approach

ROTATIONS Pet Food is modeled after an all-natural diet — the kind that wild dogs would consume. The select variety they include provides optimal amino acid profiles for maximum protein nutrition, and helps prevent allergies and nutritional deficiencies. Modern nutrient sources, such as antioxidants and omega fatty acids, are added to meet the needs of today’s pets.

A Better Way to Feed Your Dog

There are many options for feeding your pets. Caring pet owners are always looking for the best, most natural approach to meeting the nutritional needs of the furry members of your household. Is there a way to feed your pets for optimal health? Of course there is, and we believe the answer is ROTATIONS Pet Food.

Allergies and Immune Responses

Did you know that 70% of dogs that develop food allergies have been eating the same food for two (2) years or more? There is a theory suggesting that children who are kept in very clean environments, and rarely exposed to dirt or disease, will have exaggerated immune responses to mundane substances (like foods).

Consequently, it’s best to expose children to reasonable amounts of dirt and a variety of foods to prevent an abnormal immune reaction. Many vets and nutritionist are starting to feel the same way about dogs. By exposing dogs to a variety of ingredients you are limiting over saturation, which may help reduce allergies to harmless ingredients.

A Better Immune System

If you begin using ROTATIONS dog food for your pet, his immune system will be exposed to a variety of proteins, which will all be recognized as non-harmful substances. Even if your dog is an adult or a senior, it’s not too late to begin ROTATIONS Pet Food. Over-exposure to particular proteins in food is the other primary trigger of food allergies. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to use rotating dog food and break the cycle of prolonged exposure.

Better Than Homemade

In the past, homemade diets were the only option for pet owners who wanted to provide a variety of proteins and grains to their pets without having to make a gradual diet transition from one food to the next. Pet owners find that homemade diets are very costly, very time consuming and very difficult to balance nutritionally. Published recipes for homemade diets may or may not be balanced, and fluctuations in the nutrient content of various ingredients could cause even a balanced diet to become imbalanced.

More Convenient

Instead of having to shop for, buy, prepare, and mix all the ingredients that must go into your pet’s meals for maximum nutrition, all you have to do is get started on ROTATIONS Pet Food. You can feed your pet from any of the three recipes, in any combination you wish, assured that you’re providing your beloved furry friend with the very best diet available. It’s good, it’s perfectly balanced, and it’s as easy for you.

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